Saturday, November 26, 2005

Instead of working on some stuff...

I am writing music.


Saturday, November 05, 2005




Saturday, October 22, 2005

I just had an epiphany.

I just had an epiphany.

Ok, so it’s known that I am a huge NASA buff.

Check this out:  I already have Apollo 11 on DVD and I ordered Apollo 13.

Check this out:

If I save just TWELVE DOLLARS A WEEK, for four weeks, that will be 48 dollars.

48 dollars = one of those sets.  I’d probably save the later Apollo missions for last.

This is absolutely incredible.


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Friday, October 14, 2005

I have no life.

I have no life.

So as if it needs to be said, I am a Mercury 7/Gemini/Apollo/1960’s NASA buff.  I was just standing out in my yard with groceries in hand staring at the moon like a coyote.  I just kept thinking to myself about Apollo 11 and all the other Apollo missions to go to the moon, Apollo 8, 11, 12, 13, 14, you name it.  The thought that we ever actually set foot on the moon is one that still continues to boggle my mind.  I mean, it’s just mind blowing.  Out of every person in the entire history of the world, Neil Armstrong was the very first person to ever set foot on a foreign celestial body, let alone our moon.  Buzz Aldrin just the second.

Just think about that.

There are six billion people in our world today.  Who knows how many have lived before us.  Hundreds, thousands, millions, billions, trillions.  Out of all of these people, Neil Armstrong was the first.  

He was followed, of course, by:

Buzz Aldrin – Apollo 11
Pete Conrad – Apollo 12
Alan Bean – Apollo 12
Jim Lovell – Apollo 13 [was aborted before reaching the moon due to lack of power in the command module]
Fred Haise – Apollo 13 [was aborted before reaching the moon due to lack of power in the command module.  Was later assigned to land on the moon in Apollo 19, but the mission was cancelled]
Alan Shepard – Apollo 14
Edgar Mitchell – Apollo 14
David Scott – Apollo 15
James Irwin – Apollo 15
John Young – Apollo 16
Charlie Duke – Apollo 16
Eugene Cernan – Apollo 17
Harrison Schmitt – Apollo 17

These twelve men have accomplished something that I can only dream about.  Being at the top of their game, doing something that only 12 people have done out of every person who has ever lived.  It’s something I dream about every night.  Out of these lucky 12, only 24 men have ever seen the moon, unless I am unaware of some Russians going to the moon.

Aside from the 12 listed above, the 12 men to actually see the moon up close on a mission were:

Frank Borman – Apollo 8
Jim Lovell – Apollo 8, Apollo 13[Jim is the only person to have been to the moon twice, but never land on it]
Bill Anders – Apollo 8
Tom Stafford – Apollo 10
Michael Collins – Apollo 11
Dick Gordon – Apollo 12[Was scheduled to land on Apollo 18, but the mission was cancelled]
Jack Swigert – Apollo 13
Fred Haise – Apollo 13 [Fred was scheduled to walk on the lunar surface on Apollo 19, but his mission was cancelled]
Stuart Roosa – Apollo 14 [Stu Roosa was a possible candidate for EVA(Extra Vehicular Activity) on the surface of the moon on Apollo 20, but that mission was cancelled]
Al Worden – Apollo 15
Ken Mattingly – Apollo 16[Ken was bumped from Apollo 13 because he was suspected of having the measles.  He never caught them, but Jack Swigert took his place.]
Ronald Evans – Apollo 17

Twenty four great men.  But sadly, they have been forgotten.

I think I am going to go read on some of this stuff.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I am a jerk, but who cares, right?

I am a jerk, but who cares, right?

So I just ate 10 hot wings from Pizza Hut.

12 come in a pack, but my grandma just walks over to me while I am eating them and sticks her hands all up in my food and takes two.

It’s like, “Yo, if you want to pay 6 dollars to go get some, go ahead, but let me eat the food that I paid for.

Maybe I am being a huge jerk about it, maybe it’s just because I don’t like her all that much.  It still aggravates me.  But if my other grandma did it, I would have no problem.

Eh, whatever.

This band, Copeland, is awesome.  Both of their CD’s rule, but nothing tops “Beneath the Medicine Tree”.

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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Blackbird is a great song.

Blackbird is a great song.

Blackbird by The Beatles is a great song, you know.  I learned to play it this summer and I felt pretty proud of myself, but it was nothing like the time I learned “Eruption” by Van Halen on guitar.  BERWERKAWERKABERKABERKBERK.

I think guitar playing has to be one of my biggest stress relievers.  I’ve been playing like seven years and I am still learning new techniques.  The Ventures are pretty fun to play on guitar as well.  PIPELINE, YEEEEEEOW!

I would love to start a band and play all these tunes I have written down in notation, but I am either too dumb to find musicians or too shy to ask someone to play some tunes with me.  I think ideally, I would want many bands.  Why is this, you ask? Probably because there are so many different things I would want to do.

I have stuff in the style of Death Cab for Cutie and other, quote, “indie artists”, some of the stuff is just dual acoustic.  Other stuff is more like Opeth(only not as godly of course), while other stuff is like Porcupine Tree.

Steven Wilson is one of the best musicians in the world today.  Every time I ask people if they have heard of Porcupine Tree they always say no.  How is this possible when they are quite possibly the new Pink Floyd?  People are pretty darn quick to jump to conclusions and say that Coheed & Cambria is the new Rush when that’s not true at all, but take a listen to Porcupine Tree’s “In Absentia” album.  It’s Pink Floyd 20 years later.  No joke.

I am probably going to get a bite to eat and watch another movie.  I missed dinner because my dad kept waking me up and I was so incredibly tired, so I told him to, ”just let me sleep for the love of god!”  I hate being woken up over and over and over when I tell the person I am tired.  I definitely didn’t sleep as well after he woke me up for the 19th time, either.

Before I went to sleep, however, I got some really awesome hot dogs from the local hot dog joint Zack’s.  I’ve been eating at this place ever since I can remember and I don’t think you can find a better hot dog.  I got two hot dogs with chili only, then I added on the ketchup, mustard, and home brewed hot sauce.  I got fries with it also and I downed it all with a Cheerwine.  Not bad at all, for 4.98.  I will probably go again tomorrow.  Whenever my last class lets out I am always so incredibly hungry and it’s almost like an insatiable hunger.

Speaking of insatiable hunger, I better run.  This stomach is getting miiiiiiiighty empty.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Adventures at Zack's

Adventures at Zack’s

Today I was at my local hot dog joint Zack's and this guy walks in. We can all assume what followed.So basically, this place has been in business for like 75 years. Everyone in the area has eaten there. Everyone knows what they have there. So the guy in his 50's sits down and says, "What's a Zackburger?" The waiter looks perplexed and says, "Uh, it's a burger that comes with lettuce, tomato, mayonaise..." and the guy interrupts him, "And cheese?" "Yes, with cheese also." The guy interrupts him again and asks, "With a bun?" Ok, what burger do you know of that does NOT come on a bun?Either way, the waiter got "grilled", pun intended, over a little 3 dollar burger. I thought it was pretty stupid.

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